In 1994, we started out as a quaint music store & library with a large collection of audio cassettes (mostly rock, of course). Back in the pre-YouTube days, Rock Salad was a favourite haunt of audiophiles of all ages hoping to catch their favourite artistes’ latest releases.

While cassettes slowly faded away, we kept up with the times, diversifying into live sound and eventually, comprehensive event management. The name stuck however, as did our passion for great sound and all things quaint.


At Rock Salad, we’ve always prided ourselves on setting the trend. From being the first professional event management company in Mysore to being the first to adopt international technical standards, we’ve always been a step ahead of the competition. Breaking new ground hasn’t always been easy though. Along the way, over the course of thousands of events, we’ve had to think on our feet and evolve to keep up with the rapidly changing dynamics of the business of sound and light. Our unyielding focus on quality has paid off and today, we’re proud to be Mysore’s undisputed leader in event management.


Our efforts to make events look and sound better are led by our founder, Mahesh Ballal, whose passion for music began at school where he trained to play the Hindustani tabla. Over the years, his passion has evolved into expertise in sound and light aesthetics, a zeal for which is shared by our crew of highly experienced event management professionals.